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Tuberculosis Control Program

Objectives of the Tuberculosis Control Program (TBCP)

  1. To reduce mortality, morbidity and transmission of disease through implementation of “DOTS” and other strategies until TB stops to be a public health problem
  2. To achieve 1/100,000 or less incidence rate of new smear positive TB cases by year 2015

National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) in Oman was initiated in 1981. Since then there is decrease in TB cases (all forms) from 928 in 1981 to 213 in 2010. The rate of sputum positive TB cases decreased from 21/100,000 in 1981 to 4.29/100,000 in 2010.

Structure of TB Control Program
The program manager sits in the Ministry of Health. He operates with assistance of Regional TB Focal Points who are assisted by TB focal points in each primary health care center. The regional epidemiologist monitors the disease activity at regional level.

TB Program Activities & Achievements
The TBCP is implemented through a system of monthly reporting of disease diagnosis, treatment, contact screening and Latent TB treatment. The program established and expanded as follows:

  • Central TB registry (1981), Multi-drug (MDR) regimen established (1982), Short Course Chemotherapy (1995), DOTS all over Oman and TB Quality control activities (1996), MDR surveillance (1998), INH Preventive Therapyin children < 6 years (1998), Treatment of LTBI in close contacts (2006), Fixed Drug Combination, Genotyping of TB strains (2008)

Training of TB Focal Points, GPs and Nurses:
The training is conducted regularly in all regions of the country towards early diagnosis and treatment of all forms of TB. Contact screening and treatment of Latent TB is important part of the program and is stressed in the training


  1. Electronic Nominal Registration System (ENRS) is introduced by WHO for the recording and reporting of all National TB activities. Oman aims to progressively introduce this system in all its regions over the next 5 years.
  2. The private health sector is rapidly expanding in Oman. This sector caters for non-nationals working in private business sector but also for Omanis. It is the aim of the National TB Control Program to full involve this sector in the National TB Control Program activities.
  3. In order to decrease the rate of transmission of TB to minimum, molecular epidemiology will be undertaken to fully understand the pattern of transmission of TB in the country
  4. In order to rapidly diagnose TB and resistance, it is under consideration to introduce molecular diagnostic techniques