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Regional Trainings

Participation in the Regional CME's on communicable diseases:

Seminar, DGHS, South Batinah

The CME was a whole day program that was held on 30/01/2012 at the Rustaq hospital conference room.

8 credit points were added to the participants and 8 for the organizers.

The topics of the program were:

  • Outbreak detection in Health care setting
  • Emerging & Re – emerging diseases
  • Surveillance of infections targeted for elimination
  • Surveillance & management of hospital acquired infections
  • Immunization of Health Care Workers
  • Role of laboratory personnel in routine Surveillance & outbreak situation
  • International Health Regulations

Seminar, DGHS, Salalah, Dhofar Governorate

The CME was a 2 day (27/12/2011-28/12/2011) program and the target audience were Physicians and Laboratory technicians from Primary Health Care and Private Hospitals/Clinics. It was held at the SQH Auditorium, Salalah and the objectives of the CME were:

  • Identify public health importance of emerging diseases to participants
  • Update participant’s knowledge regarding re-emerging diseases in Dhofar Governorate.
  • Understand the challenges and solution for emerging and re-emerging disease.
  • Develop effective strategies to improve surveillance into established infrastructure in regional and field level for emerging and re-emerging disease
  • Outline how Updated Algorithm on Dengue is effective and useful for early confirmation disease from that of old one.
  • Update their information about policy of Ministry of health on TB
  • Outline how to identify duration of Cough symptoms and utilizing this symptom to suspect TB and for screening purpose.
  • Update their information about policy of Ministry of health on Communicable Diseases.
  • Review the approaches in surveillance of Communicable Diseases
  • Discuss the features, advantages, and disadvantages of updated policy and tool implemented in infectious disease.
  • Assess the effects of passive surveillance to improve quality.
  • Understand the role of importance  of contact screening of TB cases to prevent TB
  • How Child Is more on risk for TB than adult
  • Understand the importance of screening of child, as a contact case.  
  • Assess the Q fever in fever cases to diagnose early.
  • Understand the role of laboratory and advantageous of Quantiferon TB Gold Test for TB.

6 credit points were added to the organizers, 3 for participants who were doctors and 2.5 for staff nurses and laboratory technicians