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Department of Communicable Disease Surveillance & Control
Directorate General of Health Affairs Ministry of Health HQ, PO Box 393
Sultanate of Oman

Tel :     + (968) 24601921/ 24607524
Fax :    + (968) 24601832
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The Agency identifies and responds to health hazards and emergencies caused by infectious disease, hazardous chemicals, poisons or radiation
  1. Implementation/enforcement of Oman Port Health Rules, Merchant Shipping Act, International Health Regulations, Major Port Acts, etc.
  2. General sanitation of port area and the Shipyard area, spaying of insecticides in the dock and its surrounds and advising Port authorities to maintain and improve sanitary conditions of dock and its surroundings.
  3. Anti-mosquito measures in the port area and its surroundings.
  4. Anti-rodent measures.
  5. Boarding the ships for sanitary inspection, medical inspection of personnel on board and inspection of provision etc. and the inspection of ships from the Yellow Fever infected areas
  6. Vaccination against Yellow Fever. Yellow fever vaccination is administered on demand.
  7. Issue of Deratting exemption certificate at prescribed charges depending upon the gross tonnage of the ship.
  8. Drawing of samples of imported food, edible oil and other edible articles.
  9. Clearance of Death on board due to Infectiousand Non-Infectious diseases.
  10. Medical Examination of Seamen.
  11. Radio Medical Advice to seafarers at high sea.
  12. Bill of Health (Health Clearance Certificate) to outgoing ships.
  13. Grant of Radio pratique.